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Welcome to issue 72.

This week we design reusable React Components, build a React + Gatsby blog, see what GraphQL did in 2017, take advantage of the new pricing at the New Year’s Sale and much more!


Corey House looks at Legos to teach us about reuse in React apps


Emmanuel Yusufu builds it in 10 minutes.


Learn Angular


Nirmalya Ghosh gives you 10 coding style tips.


Wendell Adriel explores the learning path of React.


Sashko Stubailo takes a look back at the most exciting year yet in the community, and what’s coming.


Peter Jausovec shows you how.


Valentino Gagliardi writes the simplest React Redux tutorial for beginners to React Redux.


That’s it for the newest edition of the best ReactJS, React Native & GraphQL Newsletter!

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