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Welcome to issue 74.

This week we learn React Native in 2018, use Webpack and React, introduce Prisma for GraphQL,  and much more!


Spencer Crali teaches how to learn React Native in 2018.


Esau Silva shows us how to use with Webpack for React.


Learn Ruby: The web’s most elegant programming language

Like Rails? You”ll love Ruby!


Xavier Cazalot builds a React SVG Loading Spinner with 100 lines of code, 4 rectangles, 2 circles.


Jean-Paul Delimat shows you how to boost your React prodcuiotivity with State Machines.


An open-source GraphQL API layer for your database.


Dani Lewandowski says not every component needs to be a javascript-army knife.


Adam Trzciński reveals the missing React Native UI Kit for iOS to us.


Nikola Đuza gets rid of .bind(this) in React component.


Alex Reardon shows us how to optimize React performance.


Timi Ajiboye explain the ideas behind libraries like Redux.

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