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Welcome to issue 76.

This week we use update styled components in React, check our React Scope, use React Redux & Kairos, write better code with Unit Testing and much more!


Flavio Copes helps beginners learn React.js.


Evan Scott takes a look at the massive performance boost and streaming server-side rendering support.


Learn Unit Testing: How to make write better code.

Get started with Unit Testing. Write better code for better apps.


Tiffany Lin shows how to visualize your React Components as you interact with your app.


James Baxley III looks at Query components, Preact support, and better TypeScript definitions!


Tarique Ejaz creates a face recognition based application.


Conrad Barski walks through a browser-based app and shows us how.


Tom Stern Rosenblatt introduces the benefits of React Agent.


David Feng displays how write clean code in your React app.


Łukasz Makuch explains how state machines changed the way to think about state management.

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