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Welcome to the eighth issue.

ReactJS reaches the stars, we learn some history of React Native and much much more!


Learn Bash


Our First 50,000 Stars

ReactJS reaches 50,000 Stars on GitHub just 3 and a half years after starting!


React Redux Forms

A versatile and fast library for creating complex forms using React and Redux. React Redux Forms make implementing even the most complex and custom forms with React and Redux simple.


Embracing Functions in React

This writeup will teach you about Stateless Functional Components in ReactJS and how to use them.


Configure create-react-app without ejecting

Create-react-app tool is the official command line interface for building React applications with no build configuration.


Why we built our Android app in React Native

Spare Rides rebuilt their Android App from scratch using React Native. They report that development took a fraction of the time that a native app would have taken.



Reactabular allows you to make spectacular tables in ReactJS.


React Treeview with Material UI

A Treeview React Component that can use material-ui’s styling.


A brief history of React Native

Started at a hackathon in the summer of 2013, React Native has a great and fascinating story.


Make Your React Components Pretty

Walmart Labs tells us how to make pretty ReactJS components.


Redux: Snapshots for your actions and reducers

Unite testing ReactJS with Jest, Redux & Snapshots.

That’s it for the 8th edition, from the greatest blog of ReactJS News!
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