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Welcome to issue 80.

This week we master Higher Order Components, replace Redux with React Context API, secure GraphQL API, learn from the best teachers and much more!


David Kopal writes the ultimate guide to React’s Higher Order Components.


Didier FRANC explores the new context API in React 16.3.


Learn Bootstrap 4


Max Stoiber tells us how to secure your GraphQL API from malicious queries.


Trey Huffine explains the core Redux library by building it step-by-step.


Deepak Grover shows us how to build a starter e-commerce mobile app for searching using React Native.


Kent C. Dodds shows us approaches to solving state management.


Shawn McKay asks if we really need Redux and can we improve Redux.


Anton Zhukov introduces isomorphic and reactive UI development techniques using the React, Redux and ReSolve framework.


Rajat S tells us all about Deep Learning with React Native.


How Oscar used React and CSS Modules to build a flexible component library for its many front-ends

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