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Learn Ableton Live 2024 – Best Ableton Live Courses & Best Ableton Live Tutorials

Best Ableton Live Courses 2021


Best Ableton Live Tutorials 2021

Music Production in Ableton Live 10 – The Complete Course!

Start producing your own music in Ableton Live 10. This course covers Ableton Live 10, music sequencing software and digital audio workstation for OS X and Windows. The features I discuss in this course will only be available for Ableton Live Suite 10. Ableton Live is used in professional studios, bedroom studios and also as a performance tool for live performances. Learning to use your DAW correctly will dramatically improve the quality of your music and the speed at which you create it. If you’re looking for a course that will show you how to create, record, and edit your own music in Ableton Live 10, then this course is for you!

Tomas and I have an MMus Masters in Music Production and a BA (Hons) in Music Composition. I’m also the creator of some of the most popular music production courses in the world – with over 200,000 students and thousands of 5 star reviews. In this course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of Ableton Live 10 and how to learn the tools and processes for creating, recording, and editing your own music. You will learn the beauty and power of this software used today by professional producers.

This course will cover topics such as:

• Understand the basics of Ableton Live 10
• MIDI recording and editing
• Audio recording and editing
• Create your own rhythms
• Quantification
• Deformation
• Sampling
• Drum racks and instrument racks
• Synths, simpler and sampler
• Sidechaining
• MIDI effects such as the arpeggiator
• Audio effects such as Compression and EQ

What you learn in this course will make you a better music producer, music editor, and electronic composer. This course will also improve your songwriting skills in Ableton Live 10 and all other digital audio workstations! nLearn to love Ableton Live 10 and make music with it.

Ultimate Ableton Live 10 COMPLETE: Parts 1, 2, and 3

This course is “5-star certified” by the International Association of Online Music Teachers and Institutions (IAOMEI). This course has been independently reviewed by a panel of experts and received an excellent 5-star rating.


In this course, we’ll use the real-world experiences of award-winning instructor and university professor of music business, Dr. Jason Allen. But don’t worry, Dr. Allen is best known on campus for keeping things simple, accessible, and useful.

Dr. Allen is a professional musician, top-notch Udemy instructor, and college professor. In 2017, the Star Tribune featured him as a “Mover and a Shaker,” and he was recognized by the Grammy Foundation for his music education classes.


In this course, we’ll focus on using Ableton Live 10 and all aspects of the program. We are going to focus on how to do everything possible in Ableton Live, and you will complete this course as an Ableton Live 10 expert. Whether you already have music production experience or not, this course will be completed. is the ultimate course to learn how to use Ableton Live 10 Software for any kind of music.

ULTIMATE ABLETON LIVE 10 COMPLETE: PARTS 1, 2, AND 3 is three courses in one: it includes part 1: The interface and the basics, part 2: recording and warping and part 3: editing and production.

I’ll be doing 6 (six!) Full Classes to bring you the most comprehensive manual on Ableton Live production techniques ever. Each class has sets, sessions, and experiences that you can try for yourself and follow along with.

In this course we will cover:

Navigating the 2 views of Ableton Live

Arrangement view

Session view

What’s new in Live 10

Information Display, Help Display and “Learn to Learn” Ableton Live

Using the Clip Slot Grid

Live signal flow

Audio recording

MIDI recording

Registration in the arrangement

Audio and MIDI editing


The Groove Pool

Complete deconstructions

Recording equipment requirements

Configuration of recording equipment

Microphone types and options

Microhpone Buying Tips

Microphone location

Audio interface requirements

Audio Interface Buying Tips

Single and multitrack recording

MIDI hardware requirements

MIDI Gear Buying Tips

MIDI setup

MIDI recording



Key mapping

Reverse clips

Time signature changes (session and arrangement)

Counter changes (session and arrangement)

Adding harmony

Working with vocal samples

Create rhythms

Working with one-shots

Slice to MIDI for producing beats

Drum racks (!)


Recording / writing drum grooves

Synth layering

Freezing and flattening

Audio effects

Automate effects

Side chaining

Routing and buses


…and much more!

And of course, once you sign up for a game, you automatically get huge discounts on all upcoming games (the next 5!) Of that class.

You won’t have another opportunity to learn Ableton Live in a more comprehensive way than this. Start here.

The course is a roadmap for creating stunning tracks with Ableton Live 10.

All the tools you need to produce great leads are included in this course, and the entire course is based on real-life experiences – not just academic theory.

Ableton Live 10 in a Day – Learn Music Production in Ableton

In this Learn Ableton Live In A Day course, I’ll show you how to create a complete song and learn all the parts of Ableton Live that you need to know when producing music. This course will teach you to master Ableton Live and music production without any prior knowledge! I’m going to show you how to produce music with Ableton Live as well as create complete music tracks not to mention unnecessary stuff you won’t even use …. ever.

This course is designed for both beginners and advanced users who wish to further their knowledge within Ableton Live software. We cover all the different parts of Ableton Live such as Clip Envelopes, Automation, Warping Modes, and Session / Arrangement View.

This course includes everything you need to create music in Ableton Live – You will only need a computer with macOS or Windows and an Internet connection.

There are many different Ableton Live courses out there where they focus on a lot of different things and cover the software in about 10 hours, but in this course I am focusing more on how to quickly jump into the Ableton Live boat. and create music in an instant. When I learned Ableton Live myself, I didn’t like reading books for hours upon hours to learn all the different buttons that I would never use anyway. And if I used that particular button that I never use, I would read it when I needed it.

This course is designed for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. If you’ve never used Ableton Live before, that’s great too. This course includes an introductory section where we’ll download Ableton Live and show you how to handle the most basic features of Ableton Live to get you started.

Here are some of the things you will learn in this Learn Ableton Live course:

How to create a complete track from scratch in Ableton

Create different presets and favorites in the browser section for a quick workflow

Show how the different controls work and why you should use them

Using Ableton Live as music production software

Improve your music production skills and create a fast workflow that will turn you into a track making machine!

Regardless of your level of experience or the type of music you create, this course will take you to a whole new level. I will show you step by step how to create a complete music production with Ableton Live and effects like EQ & Reverbs.

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