Best Clojure & courses & tutorials 2018


Learning Clojure

Learning Clojure by Infinite Skills will teach you how to write Clojure code and structure Clojure products. This Clojure course is designed for Clojure beginners. You will start by learning how to structure Clojure projects and interact them with Java. Topics such as about concurrency, write safer software, and interacting with data stores are covered in this Clojure tutorial. By the end of this Clojure course, you will be able to write a web application with Clojure. This includes routing with Compojure, rendering HTML with Selmer, Hiccup, and Enlive.


Clojure Fundamentals For Beginners

Clojure Fundamentals For Beginners by Eduonix will introduce you to the Clojure from scratch. You will learn the concepts behind the Clojure. This Clojure tutorial will teach you how to set up Clojure development environment. You will master the language syntax and fundamentals of Clojure. This Clojure tutorial for beginners will teach you functional programming and concurrent programming.