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Learn Core ML 2024 – Best Core ML Courses & Best Core ML Tutorials

Best Core ML Courses 2021

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Best Core ML Tutorials 2021

CoreML – Master Machine Learning for iOS Apps

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Got an idea for an app that requires machine learning?

But all the calculations discourage you?

Want a simple and easy way to implement machine learning in your iOS apps?

Then this course is for you!

Join me as I dive into Apple’s latest iOS 11 API – CoreML – a native iOS framework built with Swift.

After this course, you fully understand:

What is machine learning
Supervised teaching
Unsupervised learning
Reinforcement learning
How CoreML Works
How to implement image recognition in your iOS applications
How to convert existing trained models created using Caffe, Keras, TensorFlow or scikit Learn into an MLModel that you can drag and drop into your iOS apps.

You will learn:

Build smart iOS apps that use machine learning.
Create an application that uses the Inception V3 framework with CoreML to visually identify objects.
Understand how ImagePickerView works and how you can enable camera functionality in your iOS apps.
Create an application that recognizes the name of a flower only from an image.

Fundamentals of Machine Learning for iOS and Core ML

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This course provides an introduction to machine learning and the Core ML framework, and how to build your own custom machine learning model and integrate it into an iOS app. With Core ML, you can integrate trained machine learning models into your applications.

In this course, you will have an introduction to the Core ML framework. You will learn about the basics of Python and how to incorporate Apple’s Core ML framework into your application. You will also get a quick overview of the fundamentals of machine learning and exposure to real-life examples of companies using machine learning technology in their iOS apps.

In this course, you will learn about the benefits of using machine learning models, computer vision, and natural language processing in modern applications. Learn about the different features and use cases of the Core ML and Vision frameworks, as well as the natural language processing classes.

In addition, this course describes the development of sample applications that exploit different machine learning features.

You will learn:

Introduction to machine learning and the Core ML framework.
How to create your own custom machine learning model and integrate it into an iOS app.
Learn the basics of Core ML.
Discover machine learning, vision and NLP.
How to add a machine learning model to a project.
Convert existing machine learning models for Core ML.
Obtain predictions from machine learning models.
Classify images and detect objects with Vision and Core ML.
How to use Turi Create to create custom models.
How to create a machine learning model with Turi Create.
Use of Core ML and the Vision framework for image classification.
Discover the basics of Python

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