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Best C# courses 2024

Best C# Courses 2022

C# is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. First released in 2000, C# is one of the most popular programming language for writing applications. C# developers and software engineer are some of the most in-demand software developers in the world.

Best C# tutorials 2022

Complete C# Unity Developer 2D: Learn to Code Making Games

by Ben Tristem will help you learn Unity in C# programming language. You will learn Game development & design from this C# tutorial. With a length of over 64 hours, this is the most comprehensive course to learn game development. You will learn C# from scratch. This C# game design tutorial will give you a solid foundation for game design. Some of the C# games you will build include:

  • Laser Defender: A Top-Down Space Shooter with enemies to shoot and dodge;
  • Glitch Garden: A Tower Defense game with different tower types and enemy types, and a basic resources system;
  • TileVania: A fast-paced classic Side-Scrolling Platformer using Unity’s Tilemap tool;
  • Block Breaker: A basic “Breakout” style game which introduces Unity’s built in physics engine.Learn from the best C# tutorial for game development in 2022.

    C# Basics for Beginners

    C# Fundamentals by Codingby Mosh Hamedani will help you learn the C sharp fundamentals and .NET Framework. This tutorial for absolute beginners will teach you to work with non-primitive types and primitive types. You will be understanding C# programming language concepts step by step. You will understand difference between value types and  reference types. You will make use of C# conditional statements to control the flow of programs. This Csharp tutorial for beginners will teach you all about arrays, lists, date and time that you want to learn. You will debug C# applications. This C# online course will help you master C# programming basics with C# programming exercises and quizzes.The best C# tutorial for Beginners in 2022.

    C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces and OOP

    by Mosh Hamedani will help you learn step by step. This easy to understand C# training video course builds on the basics. You will understand all about classes, interfaces and object-oriented programming concepts used in the real world. This intermediate C# programming language course will teach you constructors, fields, properties, methods and indexers. You will reuse your code using inheritance and  composition. This Csharp tutorial will make you improve the robustness of your C# code. You will develop loosely-coupled, extensible and testable C# applications using C# interfaces. With a balanced mix of C# theory and C# practice, this is among the best C# tutorials. The best Advanced C# tutorial in 2022.

    C# Advanced Topics: Prepare for Technical Interviews

    by Mosh Hamedani will make you learn advanced C# features. This C# programming language training video requires an basic C# features Knowledge. It builds on basic and intermediate C# programming. You will gain an in-depth understanding of data types and build complex application with code. This C# interview question tutorial will teach you everything needed to ace C# interviews. You will:

    • C# Exception Handling
    • C# Generics
    • C# Delegates
    • C# Events
    • C# Lambda Expressions
    • C# Extensions Methods
    • C# LINQ
    • C# Nullable Types
    • C# Dynamics
    • C# Asynchronous Programming with Async / Await

    Not only is this among the best C# tutorial, it is among the best advanced C# tutorials in 2022.

    Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D

    Created by Ben Tristem and Rick Davidson will help you create 3D games in Unity with C#. The course contains both new content and original content (in Unity 2017, 2018, and 2019), so there are more than 57 hours of content about the valuable programming language. The original content will soon be moved to an archive course and this course will feature approximately 30+ hours of Unity 2020.1 content. Completely reworked from scratch with all new projects and our latest teaching techniques to build modern cross platform development.

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