Best Delphi courses & tutorials 2018


Learning Path: Delphi: Cross-Platform Apps with Delphi

Learning Path: Delphi: Cross-Platform Apps with Delphi by Packt Publishing is a one-stop guide on Delphi to get you started building amazing cross-platform apps. You will begin by getting accustomed to the Delphi IDE and the Object Pascal language. Then you will learn about JSON format strings, XSLT transformations, Unicode encodings, and various types of streams. This Delphi video course then taeaches more advanced topics such as developing higher-order functions, using enumerators and RTTI. You will then go through topics such as multithreading, using the parallel programming library, and putting Delphi on a server. By the end of this Delphi tutorial, you will be able to design and develop apps, deploy them on the cloud, and distribute them via Google Play and other similar platforms.


Working with Delphi

Working with Delphi by Packt Publishing will teach you application development with Delphi. You will
understand the basics of Delphi. This Delphi training course will teach you the FireMonkey application platform and the specifics of Android platforms. You will learn to build complex apps quickly with access to platform features and APIs via a single, easy-to-maintain code base. This Delphi online tutorial will teach you to work with local data sources, including embedded SQL databases, REST servers, and Backend-as-a-Service providers.


Delphi Solutions – Part 1

Delphi Solutions – Part 1 by Packt Publishing contains over 30 Delphi tips & tricks to help you master the power of Delphi. You will learn to develop visually stunning applications using FireMonkey.
Deploying LiveBinding effectively with the right Object Oriented Programming approach is taught in this Delphi cookbook. You will manage software customization for your customer by making better use of an extended RTTI. This Delphi solutions tutorial will teach you to implement the most popular design patterns without wasting time debugging and bug fixing it.