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Learn Drone Photography 2024 – Best Drone Photography Courses & Best Drone Photography Tutorials

Best Drone Photography Courses 2021


Best Drone Photography Tutorials 2021

Stunning Aerial Videography and Photography Using Drones

Have you seen some great aerial videos and photos and wondered how it is done? Maybe you already have a drone and want to take your aerial productions to the next level for your hobby or business? This comprehensive course will take you on a journey through the discussion; the advantages of different types of drones for aerial production; some basic flight skills for aerial imagery, THE MAIN OBJECT OF THE CONTENT; a unique and structured way of thinking, planning, filming and then mounting your extraordinary aerial production. It will become a resource for you as well as a course.

Stunning aerial productions using both drone and editing techniques

Basics – Legal, security, planning and some basic flight skills for aerial image production
A unique and structured method to guide your shoot and flight to achieve impactful images
25 design principles to create compelling productions
8-step editing workflow for developing your final product
Now is the time to create stunning aerial images

The ability to film and photograph the world from a unique and breathtaking aerial perspective using a drone is now available to everyone. The opportunities this presents for videographers, photographers, amateurs and professionals are extraordinary.

It is necessary to learn how to achieve remarkable aerial productions, to create images that will go beyond what will become the ordinary. Mastering these new tools now, to produce very impactful results, will give you a head start in the game professionally and give you hours of personal enjoyment.

This course covers the basics of selecting your drone, editing software, and aerial camera. It contains tips on initial flight skills and exercises to produce good aerial productions.The course then goes beyond the basics and introduces, with numerous aerial images to illustrate the points, a unique setting to guide all of your flight and filming missions. It focuses on the extraordinary results you should be aiming for in your aerial imagery and the flight you should take to achieve those results.

You will then be taught how to plan your flight and filming missions using this framework. You are led to discover a range of unique tools and resources both in-class and online to help you with this planning. You will learn through a real-life example to show you how to apply the framework and tools to plan a successful flight.

You will then learn how to take the aerial footage and turn it into a stunning video production. You’ll learn 25 design principles to follow and a generic 8-step editing workflow. This will be demonstrated using Final Cut Pro X, but much of the demonstration will focus on how to apply the design principles and the framework to guide the creation of the aerial video.

What is this course for? While the course does cover some points to consider from a legal and safety perspective, the course is not designed to be a guide to your local drone laws or how to fly and film safely. . These are areas you should already know or mastered before considering implementing any of the techniques in the course. Additionally, the course is not hardware specific and is not designed to teach you how to set up your own drone hardware or manage specific skills for that hardware.

You will learn:

More than 41 of these lectures have jaw-dropping flight images to illustrate the points
6 on-the-go tools to help you with planning, flying, filming and editing
Raw footage so you can practice editing techniques on your own
Understand some of the typical legal and security considerations when planning your production
Choose the right aerial equipment and the right editing software for successful videos and photos
Identify the key flight skills, shooting options, flight patterns and gimbal skills needed to produce amazing aerial productions
Successfully plan your air travel to maximize your chances of getting great photos
Configure your GoPro with its optimal settings for successful editing in a wide range of circumstances
Create creative ground images to enrich your aerial productions
Perform pre-flight checks before you start flying and filming both at the flight site and before
Learn 25 Design Principles at follow during the creation of your production
Complete the 8 editing steps, common to most editing software, in order to achieve superb aerial productions

Drone Photography | Shoot Professional Photos With Any Drone

Want to shoot breathtaking drones like a pro?

This course is designed to take you from the novice drone photographer to the professional as quickly as possible. You’ll get all of the best drone photography tips you need to snap photos right away, and you’ll have lifetime access to the course including all future updates. The course is taught using the DJI Mavic Pro but you can follow with any drone on the market.

My name is Dale McManus and I’m a professional filmmaker, photographer, award-winning Youtuber and drone pilot. I have a bachelor’s degree in cinema and 8 years of experience in the field of cinematography and photography. I have been piloting drones professionally for 4-5 years.

If you want to take your drone photos to new heights, boost your social media content, or even start a career in professional drone photography, then this course is for you!

This course is designed for:

-Anyone wishing to become an expert in the art of drone photography.

-Anyone wishing to master the settings of their drone to take pictures of the highest quality.

-Anyone who wants to amazingly document their travels and improve their social media accounts.

-Anyone who wants to make drone photography a professional career.

-Anyone wishing to photograph real estate and architecture.

Here are some of what you will learn:

-How to shoot like a professional using the principles of shot composition.

-How to optimize your drone camera settings to take the best photos.

-How to professionally edit your drone photos in Lightroom.

-How to take great night photos with your drone.

-And even some BONUS sky replacement tips in Photoshop to take your photos to the next level!

You will learn:

How to photograph like a professional using the principles of shot composition.
How to optimize your drone camera settings to take the best photos.
How to professionally edit your drone photos in Lightroom.
How to take great night photos with your drone.
BONUS Photoshop sky replacement tutorial to take your drone photos to the next level.

Drone Photography For Real Estate

Check out drone photography for real estate advice to ensure your success:

– Which drone photography equipment is best on a budget!

– How to easily certify a commercial drone!

– Specific drone photography settings to use for your drone!

– How to edit drone photos quickly and easily!

– How to send a downloadable link to the photos of the drone!

– How to send professional invoices online!

– This course is about results! If you don’t see them within 30 days, you get your money back!

No more endless searches, this course is ready to use, you can take it anywhere and watch it at your convenience in the privacy of your home or on the go!

This course is a small investment that will pay off several times.

Starting a real estate drone business or adding a drone to your services is very profitable.

Learn from many years of experience in the field of highly profitable real estate drone photography.

Ideal for beginners with no experience and even for advanced photographers with years of experience.

The course covers all the basics for those at the beginner level and then goes into the advanced content for those with experience.

Let me share my real estate drone business secrets with you.

Don’t ask yourself “what would have happened if I had done it”. You won’t be disappointed and get an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. What have you lost?

You will learn:
Steps to Starting a Highly Profitable Real Estate Drone Business.
How to add drone services to your current photography business.
Best drone equipment and how to use it.
Drone camera settings for taking professional photos of real estate drones
How to edit your photos quickly and easily.
How to deliver your photos to the customer via a free hyperlink.
How to send professional invoices online.
Real estate drone photography tips for shooting angles and times of day.

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