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Best Cisco Meraki courses & Best Cisco Meraki tutorials 2024

Best Cisco Meraki Courses 2022


Best Cisco Meraki Tutorials 2022

Design, Build and Manage your own Cisco Meraki Network

Design, Build and Manage your own Cisco Meraki Network by Techspring Learning will help you learn Cisco Meraki. This Cisco Meraki course will teach you how to design, build and manage a Cisco Meraki network. You will gain the knowledge required to to build a network with Switching, Firewall/Routing and Wireless Access points.
This course will teach you how to design, build and manage a Cisco Meraki network. We have designed this course to appeal to multiple levels of experience. For someone who is relatively new to networking by the end of this course, you will have the knowledge to create a network with switch points, firewalls / routing and wireless access. For someone who already understands the basics, this course will save you a lot of time.

To make the above possible, we have chosen a single brand of network product. The Cisco Meraki series is fully managed in the cloud. It’s relatively simple, yet powerful and extremely easy to manage. This is the best Cisco Meraki course in 2022.

You’ll learn:

Design your own Cisco Meraki Network
Build your own network
Manage your own network
Save time and Money

Cisco Meraki Wireless Course with Labs

In this course, you will learn Cisco Meraki wireless solutions and how to configure each option step by step. Let’s see what we will learn throughout this course.

Chapter 1 Cisco Meraki Wireless Solutions

Cisco Meraki Wireless Solutions

Systems Manager Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki Access Point Models

Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Access Point Requirements

Initializing the Meraki access point

Chapter 2 Cisco Meraki Wireless Technology Requirements and Best Practices

SU-MIMO and MU-MIMO with Beamforming

Roaming technologies and 802.11r 11e 11v

Configure the 802.11w Management Frame Guard MFP

Customer balance

Chapter 3 Cisco Meraki Radio Configuration

RF Profiles and Default Templates

Creation of a personalized profile in detail

Assign RF Profiles to Access Points and Legacy Radio Settings

Channel planning overview with map view and list view

Automatic channel and channel configurations

Reasons for automatic channel and channel change in real time

Automatic TX and its process

Band control and configuration

Minimum bit rate control

VLAN tagging

Chapter 4 SSID, Encryption and Authentication Modes

Bridge Mode

NAT mode

Layer 3 roaming with or without hub

Encryption and Authentication Methods, Part 1

Encryption and Authentication Methods, Part 2

Configure MAC-based access control for your SSID

Chapter 5 Firewalls, Traffic Shaping, and Group Policies

Understanding firewall rules

Configure Layer 3 Firewall Rules

Configure Layer 7 Firewall Rules

Firewall rule processing order

NAC Option Settings

Configure bandwidth settings

Configure traffic settings

Wireless client isolation

Group policy settings

Apply group policies

This is the best Cisco Meraki tutorial in 2022.

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