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Best Nunit Courses & Best Nunit Books 2024

Best Nunit Courses 2023


Best Nunit Tutorials 2023

Learn Unit Testing with NUnit and C#

Learn in depth the concepts and tools you will need to create maintainable and reliable software.

Pedagogical approach

No fluff, no ranting, no flapping of the air. I respect your time. The course material is brief, but comprehensive. All important concepts are covered. Particularly important subjects are dealt with in depth.

Take this course and you will be satisfied.

Build a solid foundation in unit testing with this course

This course is about writing effective unit tests using the C # programming language and NUnit as a unit testing framework. Along the way, we’ll learn the concepts related to unit testing. Today, unit testing is an absolutely required skill of any professional developer. Companies expect developers to know how to write unit tests that include all of the most important topics such as simulation and test-driven development (TDD in short). This course does not cover all of the features of NUnit. This course is much more interesting.

Unit learning tests put a powerful and very useful tool at your fingertips. Being familiar with unit testing, you can write reliable and maintainable applications. It is very difficult to run a project that is not covered by unit testing.

Content and overview

This course is primarily intended for novice developers. It provides a solid theoretical foundation reinforced by tons of practical material.

We start with the basics of unit testing. What is a unit test? What unit testing frameworks exist? How to run and debug unit tests. After familiarizing ourselves with the basics, we will come to the NUnit framework. Here you will learn how to install the framework, define the runner. Then you will learn the basics of assertions and the organize-act-affirm triplet. Other key features of NUnit are also covered:

Running tests from the console

Unit configuration and dismantling tests

Parameterized tests

Group and ignore

When practicing writing unit tests, it is impossible to avoid running simulations. I like the word “double test” more in general. By the way, you will learn what is the difference between the following notion:

Double test





You will learn how to manually write double tests. You’ll also see a simple example of using a simulation framework to work with simulations. I will use the simulation framework from NSubstitute for the demonstration.

By the end of this section, you will become familiar with two key approaches to unit testing, the Classic or Detroit School and the London School of Unit Testing.

You will learn the basics of test-driven development separately. It’s hard to imagine a modern professional developer who doesn’t know TDD. So you will know what it is and what it is. You will see the red-green-refactor triplet in action.

I was unable to complete the course by avoiding best practices in unit test writing. You will learn the basic concepts of the modern approach to unit testing known as “pragmatic unit testing”. You will see the problems with static classes and singletons regarding unit testing. They make the code more difficult to test unitarily. After that, you will learn the problem of extracting interfaces for the sole purpose of introducing shims for dependency injection.

You will know if you should write unit tests for the trivial code. You will learn a lot more during the course.

So in short, the course covers the following topics:

Basics of unit testing

NUnit and its features

Test for doubles, including fakes, mannequins, heels, spies, and mockery

How to write duplicate manual tests and how to use a simulation framework (NSubstitute)

TDD, refractory red-green triplet

A large number of good unit test writing practices

Introduction to dependency injection

Master .NET and C# Unit Testing with NUnit and Moq

The goal of this course is to teach you about unit testing and how to use the latest and greatest tools and frameworks available on the market today. This course covers the following technologies:

NUnit, the most popular unit testing framework available for .NET
Moq, a mocking frame
dotMemoryUnit, a unit testing framework for testing memory consumption
ReSharper (its unit test launcher) widely used in this course
dotCover is used to illustrate the concepts of code coverage and continuous testing
In this course, you will learn what unit tests are, how to write and run them, what are fake / mocks / stubs / moles, and how to use a simulation framework.

Best Nunit Books 2023

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