Best PostgreSQL books, courses & tutorials 2017

PostgreSQL (also known as Postgres) is an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS). PostgreSQL was first released in 1996. some of it’s features include being ACID-compliant, transactional, updatable views, materialized views, triggers, foreign keys, supports functions and more. Here’s a list of some of the best PostgreSQL books, courses, videos and tutorials to help you learn PostgreSQL in 2017.


The Beginners Guide to SQL and PostgreSQL

The Beginners Guide to SQL and PostgreSQL by Jon Avis will teach you to master SQL and PostgreSQL. This PostgreSQL tutorial is perfect for beginners. You will learn how to retrieve data from database tables using the SELECT statement. This PostgreSQL will teach you to use JOINs to retrieve data from multiple tables. You will learn to use aggregate functions and group data. This PostgreSQL tutorial contains exercises and video solutions to help you improve your SQL skills.


PostgreSQL: From Zero to Hero

PostgreSQL: From Zero to Hero by Will Bunker will teach you how to use PostgreSQL. You will learn how use basic selection statements. This PostgreSQL course will teach you to constrain data input using field and table constraints. These constraints will keep the data clean You will learn how to group records to get aggregate data. This PostgreSQL tutorial will teach you how to create tables and indexes. You will learn how to the process of inserting, updating and deleting records. You will be taught how to use the pgAdmin tool.


The Complete Python & PostgreSQL Developer Course

The Complete Python & PostgreSQL Developer Course by Rob Percival and Jose Salvatierra will help you master two essential and modern technologies in Python and PostgreSQL. This Python & PostgreSQL tutorial will take you from being an absolute Python and PostgreSQL beginner to an experienced Python and PostgreSQL developer. You will understand software and programming with Python. This Python & PostgreSQL course will help you learn how to extend Python applications by using PostgreSQL as a professional data storage. PostgreSQL allows your applications to store, retrieve, and filter through large data sets easily. You will understand advanced concepts like data structures and algorithms that will help you in jobs and interviews.


SQL & Database Design A-Z: Learn MS SQL Server + PostgreSQL

SQL & Database Design A-Z: Learn MS SQL Server + PostgreSQL by Kirill Eremenko and Ilya Eremenko will teach you both SQL Server & PostgreSQL. You will learn all about queries and database design. This PostgreSQL tutorial focuses on learning by doing real world examples. A great deal of focus is placed on learning the concepts of Database design.


Beginning Databases with PostgreSQL

Beginning Databases with PostgreSQL: From Novice to Professional by Richard Stones and Neil Matthew is a complete tutorial on PostgreSQL features and functions. This PostgeSQL book covers key relational database design principles and teaches PostgreSQL. You will also learn all about relational database design topics such as the SQL query language, introduce core principles including normalization and referential integrity. This PostgreSQL book will show you how to make the most of PostgreSQL features in your own applications with programming languages like C, Perl, PHP, Java and C#.


Learning PostgreSQL

Learning PostgreSQL by Salahaldin Juba, Achim Vannahme and Andrey Volkov is a comprehensive guide to learn about SQL, PostgreSQL procedural language and PL/pgSQL. This PostgreSQL book will help you learn to create, develop and manage relational databases in real world applications using PostgreSQL. You will learn about the PostgreSQL development life cycle including testing and refactoring.  This PostgreSQL book will teach you the concepts of data modelling and relation algebra.


PostgreSQL 9.0 High Performance

PostgreSQL 9.0 High Performance by Gregory Smith is a step-by-step guide to optimizing and scaling up PostgreSQL database servers. This PostgreSQL book will help you improve database performance be helping you understanding theoretical concepts and working through hands-on examples. You will learn the right techniques to obtain optimal PostgreSQL database performance, from initial design to routine maintenance. This PostgreSQL book is filled with advice about databases and performance topics.


PostgreSQL Administration Cookbook

PostgreSQL Administration Cookbook by Simon Riggs, Gianni Ciolli and Gabriele Bartolini contains over 150 recipes to help you administer your PostgreSQL database more efficiently. This PostgreSQL book is a step-by-step recipe-based guide to help you tackle any problem in PostgreSQL administration with ease. You will learn how to monitor, tune, secure and protect your database. This PostgreSQL book will teach you the capabilities of PostgreSQL 9.6 to administer your database more efficiently.


PostgreSQL High Availability Cookbook

PostgreSQL High Availability Cookbook by Shaun M. Thomas teaches the many new features introduced in PostgreSQL to make the database more efficient and adaptive. This PostgeSQL book will help you create a PostgreSQL cluster that stays online even when disaster strikes. You will learn how to automate monitoring and alerts.




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