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Best Talend Courses 2021


Best Talend Tutorials 2021

Talend Practice Certification Exams

Prepares you for the Talend DI Administration certification.

This course guides you through the installation of Talend Server modules: Talend Administration Center, Talend Log Server, Talend CommandLine, Talend Job Server.

Configure Talend Administration Center.

Management of licenses, users, projects.

Migrate projects.

Backup of databases and SVN repositories.

Creation / execution of tasks and planning and scheduling of tasks / jobs.

Monitoring task execution and accessing logs.

Configuring and using AMC.

Using the command line and metaservlet.

Configure the GIT server on AWS Code Commit.

Creation of Job Servers.

You will learn:

Administer Talend
The architecture of the Talend DI server
Configure Talend Administration Center (TAC)
Create projects and users Manage GIT branches
Build, deploy, and run tasks Configure and use the Activity Monitoring Console (AMC)
Configure and use Talend Log Server
Using Git with Talend projects
Configuring the GIT Repository on AWS Code Commit

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