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Best TypeScript Courses 2024

Best TypeScript Courses 2023

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript code. It allows you to use types, classes, and modules, all with a syntax that is familiar to any C-family programmer. Reading through a TypeScript file is very similar to reading a JavaScript file. TypeScript has a rich type system that supports inheritance, generic functions and types. TypeScript also contains type inference that allows for variables to be declared without specifying the type. This allows TypeScript to be very expressive while still being completely type safe. TypeScript is developed by Microsoft and the open source community.

Best TypeScript tutorials 2023

Understanding TypeScript – 2023 Edition

by Maximilian Schwarzmüller will help you in learning TypeScript essentials, why it is such a powerful modern frameworks to modern JavaScript development, what its features are, and how to use it. This excellent Typscript course takes you from the syntax and to the point where you can be running TypeScript app. As TypeScript programming language is developed by Microsoft and heavily advertised as used by Angular 2+ (Google), it’s here to stay. Gain an edge today and be among the first to truly understand TypeScript!

As TypeScript code can be compiled to ES5, you will be amazed at the many next generation features that you can start using today. Whether it’s ES6 features like destroy or arrow functions, decorators, generics and interfaces or modules – TypeScript has them all! In this course, we won’t stop after the basics. You will learn about advanced features and how to set up workflows with TypeScript in this tutorial. This includes a TypeScript-only workflow as well as a Webpack workflow. You will also learn that you are not limited to Angular 2+ or simple JavaScript / TypeScript projects. A full module explains how to use TypeScript with ReactJS to take advantage of its functionality.

In this course, you will learn about:

Use TypeScript and its features like types, ES6 support, classes, modules, interfaces and more in any of their projects

Understand TypeScript best practices

Why TypeScript offers a real advantage over vanilla JavaScript

Learn TypeScript both in theory and applied to real use cases and projects

Learn how to combine TypeScript project with ReactJS or NodeJS / Express

Typescript: The Complete Developer’s Guide [2023]

by Stephen Grider is the best online course for mastering Typescript development. All other online courses teach you the TypeScript features and functionality of Typescript, but only this course will show you how to apply Typescript to real projects, such as how to create large, successful projects. Typescript is a JavaScript “superset”. This means that if you are already familiar with Javascript, you are ready to take this course.

Typescript adds several important features to JavaScript, including a type system. This type system is designed to help web developer catch errors during development, rather than when you run your code. This means you’ll be twice as productive by catching bugs earlier in development. But in addition to the type system, Typescript also provides several tools for structuring large code bases and writing truly reusable code. The different skills you will master:

Understanding why composition vs inheritance is the most misunderstood topic in the JavaScript community

Master the fundamental features of Typescript by working on real projects

We’ll be building a custom front-end framework from scratch that you can use in place of React or Angular on your own personal projects.

Understand the complex interaction between classes and interfaces

Dive deeper into Typescript with Decorators, which we’ll use to create a custom integration between Typescript and Express

Structure your React and Redux apps with more confidence by understanding how to couple them with Typescript

Ignore third-party library documentation by fluently reading type definition files

Find out how smart Typescript is by finding out how well it scans your code samples for errors

Master design patterns to build great apps

Integrate Typescript into React / Redux or Express projects

Understand composition and inheritance, and when to use them

Write reusable code powered by classes and interfaces

Assemble reusable matboards for your own Typescript projects

This is the best TypeScript course in 2023.

Using TypeScript with React

by Dmytro Danylov will teach give you a TypeScript deep dive skills needed to start building React apps with concise explanations. TypeScript and React are extremely popular in the front-end world, and many companies use them to develop their web applications. Therefore, being able to build React apps using TypeScript is a pretty valuable skill in 2023. You will learn:

Basic and Advanced Features of TypeScript
Using TypeScript in React projects
Writing types for React models (higher order components, rendering props, etc.)
How to embed TypeScript in a Create React application with Redux
How to Create a NextJS Web Application That Uses GraphQL API Using TypeScript
Using types provided by third-party packages and creating custom type definitions
Using React with TypeScript in general

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