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Welcome to issue 130.

This week we learn global state management in React, celebrate our love of React, and much more!


No-boilerplate global state management in React

Charles Stover explains.


Announcing Linaria

Satyajit Sahoo tells us more.


Celebrate your love for React!

This Valentine’s celebrate your love for React.


Master PropTypes in React

Sukhjinder Arora’s guide to React propTypes and type checking.


Building React Autocomplete Component from scratch

Krissanawat​ Kaewsanmuang shows how.


Get Started With React Hooks: Controlled Forms

Kevin Okeh walks us through.


Using AWS Amplify feels like cheating

Cory Schimmoeller explains why.


Rebuilding TenX Wallet in React Native

Sean Smith elaborates.


Data Visualization Libraries for React Developers in 2019

Veronika Rovnik tells us more.


Achieving Accessibility in React Applications

Nwose Lotanna on giving everyone the right experience.


How to write code you will love in the future

Lusan Das on With great power comes great responsibility.

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