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Welcome to issue 14.

This week we get started with React Native in less than 20 minutes and write amazing apps with Apollo, migrate to Jest, build cross-platforms apps and much more!



Getting Started with React Native in 20 Minutes

One of the big selling points of React Native, aside from its technical abilities, is its emphasis on good DX- Developer Experience.

Amazing React Native apps with Apollo React.

When about to start writing a new React Native application, one of the first things I ask myself is “How to handle the logic within the application, and what tools should I use to communicate with the server?”.

Migrating to Jest

Learn how to migrate your existing processes to Jest.

How to Build a Cross-Platform Blog Using React Native and Node.js

Easily create a cross-platform blog that will connect your content across Web, iOS and Android.


Is it the next big thing in JavaScript?

Build a Voting App using React | MobX | Bootstrap

The Cosmic JS voting app uses React for UI, MobX for state management and React Bootstrap for the frontend framework

Functional Programming In JS — With Practical Examples (Part 1)

Functional Programming can change the way you program for the better.

GraphQL the future for APIs?

There has been a lot of buzz about GraphQL recently.

Seven Months Into Redux: Two Things My Team Learnt

For the past seven months I’ve been working on a project using React/Redux. I work with a lot of really smart folks and still we’ve been often left wondering “What’s the right way to _____ ?”

Implementing FoldView in React Native

What’s most amazing to me about React Native is how quickly one can go from idea to product

That’s it for the 14th edition of the best ReactJS, React Native & GraphQL Newsletter!
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