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Welcome to issue 16.

This week we learn React Native as a designer & test it, ask what a Thunk is, explain Relay & GraphQL with Thanksgiving diner and much more!


Learn MariaDB


Learning React Native as a designer

I’ve started working on that app-building dream again by learning React Native.


Testing React Native and Redux

Test driven development is essential for any project.


What the heck is a ‘thunk’?

A thunk is another word for a function.


Most Common XSS Vulnerability in ReactJS Apps

People are often drawn towards using React.js thanks to the benefits of isomorphic (or universal) rendering.


Explaining Relay & GraphQL with Thanksgiving diner

Relay/GraphQL and this is my attempt at explaining how data consumption can really be like consuming food.


React/Redux… Where Do You Start?

So the question lies, what is the best way to begin learning React/Redux?


Gauging User Focus With Reactjs

Understanding what your user is focused on and when can be one of the most important things to understand in modern web development.


Why UI Developers Love GraphQL

GraphQL is one of the most important tools you’ll use.


React Native thoughts from an Android engineer

React Native is a really exciting technology and probably completely different from anything you’ve seen before.


How to search with Github GraphQL

Here’s how you search for top ten most JavaScript greater than 10k star via Github GraphQL API.
That’s it for the 16th edition of the best weekly ReactJS, React Native & GraphQL Newsletter!
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