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Welcome to issue 18.

This week we get tackle React Native storage, learn about the state of Jest in 2016, do serverless and server side ReactJS and much more!


Learn Laravel


Tackling React Native Storage: Part 1

Making data persist in React Native can be hard.


Serverless Server-side Rendering with Redux-Saga

Server-side-rendering with AWS Lambda and Redux-Saga.


What GraphQL is about?

Now I would like to tell you what problems can be solved by GraphQL and why you should use it in the projects immediately.


The Cost of Native Mobile App Development is Too Damn High!

It no longer makes sense to build and maintain your mobile applications using native frameworks and native development teams.


Server Side React

React with React Router is absolutely a viable stack for server side.


Advice on large scale React.js apps

How to introduce React.js and its whole ecosystem to a team to advanced topics as managing state, async actions and monitoring and debugging your application.


Managing Configuration in React Native

That’s where react-native-config comes into play. It allows us to set up different configuration files for different environments.


You Might Not Need ReactJS

A story about product-driven development


2016 in Jest

2016 was a big year for JavaScript testing with Jest.


Catch breaking API changes early.

Learn how to use GraphQL to detect breaking changes in API designs

That’s it for the 18th edition of the best weekly ReactJS, React Native & GraphQL Newsletter!
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