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Welcome to issue 19.

This week we get compare React Elements vs React Components and benchmark it, discuss tips about GraphQL, use Redux and much more!


Learn Raspberry Pi


GraphQL: Tips after a year in production

GraphQL is flexible. When starting out, you often wonder if you’re doing it the “right” way.


React Elements vs React Components

React is a library for building user interfaces. No matter how complex React or the React ecosystem seem to be, this is React at its core — building UIs.


React Native at WalmartLabs

Native is great in theory, but we need to think about productivity/code sharing/time-to-market, which is where a cross-platform framework like React Native comes in.


Code Splitting with React Router & Webpack2

The goal is to setup Webpack and React Router to split up our React application based on the routes.


Implementing SQL API similar GraphQL

So they say REST is dead and inefficient. Let’s start a revolution and invent new query language for your API.


React-MD: Material Design Components Designed with Sass

This project’s goal is to be able to create a fully accessible material design styled website using React Components and Sass.


Seedux: Visualize & Debug React-Redux Applications

Seedux brings data flow visualization to the React-Redux ecosystem while offering a full suite of troubleshooting tools.


Mock Schema: Easily Generate Fake Data for your Components.

When you work with Components, sometimes you don’t have an API yet, but you need to populate your components with some data, like an Array of Objects.


Building a Simons Says game with React/Redux

I always enjoyed writing small games using javascript.


How to Benchmark React Components Guide

A React Component works hard. As the user manipulates the state of the application, it may re-render 5, 10, 100 times.
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