Welcome to issue 198.

This week we look at Recoil, learn React Call Order, build Memes with React and more!


35+ Free React templates and themes

Davide Pacilio lists them.


Want to build React apps?

Build your first React app today!


Stop being a React Beginner.

Be an Advanced React Developer.


Best free resources to learn React in 2020

Arek Nawo compiles them.


Getting started with React

Learn from Mozilla’s documentation.


Multiple entry points in Create React App without ejecting

Andrew James explains.


Recoil — A better React state management library?

Rajan Mali ponders the new React state management library introduced by Facebook.


Post-Hooks guide to React call order

Rafael Quintanilha outlines the process.


Things you should do as React-Native Developer

Shreyak Upadhyay tells us more.


How to implement scroll with React-gridlist

Jeremy Kithome shows how.


A Full-stack Meme Generator with React Hooks + Express

Victor de la Fouchardière uses React to build Memes.


Why you should use GatsbyJs and when not to use it

Tharun Shiv lays it out.

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