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Welcome to issue 21.

This week we get to learn all about developing in Redux before it’s too late, make Custom Components in React Native, use GraphQL in APIs and much more!


Learn Delphi


Use Redux before it’s too late

You may have heard advice that you might not need redux.


React Native Custom Components

React Native may supply you with an abundance of functionality and components that work right off the bat, however nothing compares to creating your own hand-crafted piece of the puzzle.


Conditionals & loops in JSX using Babel 6

JSX quickly gets a bit messy when nesting conditionals or doing loops.


A Year of development with Redux. Part I

The UIs are built with React & Redux.


Configure CSS for Create-React-App

Create-React-App is a great starter to a distraction-free React app.


GraphQL is not only for Backend

GraphQL can do an amazing job to run the new generation of server APIs but this is not the whole picture.


How I built a super fast Uber clone for mobile web

This post is about my learning on performance techniques used to make Uber mobile web using React as fast as possible.


Testing a React-Redux app using Jest and Enzyme

Jest has the ability to run tests in parallel.


Give it a REST: use GraphQL for your APIs!

In the world of API architecture, REST has been the reigning ruler for a decade or more.


Learning Path React Native

So you did some tutorial in React Native and you would like to move to the next level, now what?
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