Welcome to issue 226.

This week we learn React Unit Testing, use React Iframes, build a React Chess App & much more!


React For Beginners Holiday Sale!

Just React. No Bullshit.


Advanced React Holiday Sale!

Master React without any fluff.


Jest and Enzyme: Unit testing in React in 2021

Andrew Evans shows how.


The Better Way to Type React Components

Mikael Brevik tells us more.


Wes Bos Holiday Sale!

All Wes Bos courses are on Sale!


Udemy Holiday Sale!

We’ve listed some of the besthere.


React 2025

Start developing websites like it’s 2025.


Iframes with React: Best Practices

Andrea Perera shows how to use Iframes with React.


Skillshare 14 days FREE!

We’ve listed some of the new and best oneshere.


How to Create a Simple Chess App With React

Varun Pujari shows us how.


How to increase CSS-in-JS performance by 175x

Dominic Tobias elaborates.


Making sounds with React and Tone.js

Nicolai Fredriksen tells us.


Introduction to Visx

Enolia Fakeye shows the process.


JavaScript to Know for React

Kent C. Dodds reflects.


The upsides of prop drilling in React

Belinda Ijeoma discusses.

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