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Welcome to issue 78.

This week we take a look at Rekit Studio, unlock the power of GraphQL, solve Render Props problems, celebrate our love of programming with Valentine’s Sale and much more!


Nate Wang gives a tour of an IDE for React and Redux development.


Sacha Greif helps us learn to unlock the power of GraphQL without suffering its drawbacks


Learn LaTeX


Kent C. Dodds answers the question.


Kurtiskemple shows us how to implement a cross-platform carousel for React Native.


Johny vino guides oT designes to prototype their ideas to the organization quickly.


Nathan Curtis relates to the Distributors, Translators, and Themers In Between


Divyendu Singh takes a giant deep dive into Prisma.


How Wolfgang Wedemeyer learned to stop worrying and love the function


Nader Dabit shows a new paradigm for React state management that is as new as it is old.

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