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Welcome to issue 81.

This week we take look at the future of React 16 and beyond, understand the React Context API with Render Props, get introduced to React Suspense, see GraphQL directive permissions, learn from the best tutorials and much more!


Dan Abramov talks about the future of React 16 and beyond.


Ryan Florence tells us how React is introducing a new context API that uses render props.


Learn Elixir


Vinicius Dacal shows some approaches that to scale React well.


Weblab Technology teaches us all about GraphQL so far.


Will Abramson talks about lessons learnt.


Dennis Walsh shows how directive permissions are a declarative way of implementing authorization rules in GraphQL servers.


Arfat Salman lists React & Redux packages that will help you build faster.


Nader Dabit breaks down Authentication Flows in React Native.


Bartosz Szczeciński introduces us to React Suspense, React’s new feature which happens to be an API.


Pavel Vlasov builds a GitHub bot with React, PhantomJS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the Serverless framework.

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