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Learn Data Entry 2024 – Best Data Entry Courses & Best Data Entry Tutorials

Best Data Entry Courses 2021


Best Data Entry Tutorials 2021

Data Entry Course for Beginners

Welcome to this ultimate data entry course for beginners, from which you will learn about the types of data entry projects available in freelance markets such as – upwork and fiverr.

You will learn more about data entry from a well experienced and successful data entry professional!

This live sample project based data entry course is for anyone interested in becoming freelancers and providing data entry services to their clients.

In addition to the sample data entry demo projects, I’ve added some details of projects I’ve worked on for clients – to give you a clear understanding of:

What are some of the types of data entry jobs available in freelance markets?

How do clients provide us with instructions for jobs?

How do we work on data entry projects?

After watching the lessons, after practicing the hands-on projects provided in the course, you will have the confidence to move forward, try to attract customers to the markets and become a professional data entry service provider.

You will learn:
How to become a data entry professional as a complete beginner?
Sample PDF, IMAGE file conversion job and how to do them?
Data Entry and Web Search Sample LIVE DEMO Work Directly from Upwork!
Client Project – My Sample Easy Data Entry Job at $ 15 per Hour LIVE!
Practice files to practice the skill and build your portfolio

Xero Online Accounting – the Practical Data Entry Course

My course “Xero Online Accounting – Practical Data Entry” will take you from beginner level to confident in using Xero for all your ongoing data entry.

As the name suggests, this is a very hands-on course, so perfect for the student who enjoys learning by doing. The course is based on a video where I show you how to do something in Xero and then give you a practical assignment that you have to complete at the end of each lesson.

Here’s what’s included in the course:

After a quick welcome and an explanation of the course format, you will be shown how to sign up for your 30 day free trial in Xero.

The course includes no less than 24 labs, so there is plenty to do. For each assignment there is a video lesson where I show you step by step what you need to do in Xero. Then you have the option to repeat the assignment in your own Xero account. You have the flexibility to refer to the videos as often as needed and you can always ask me questions if you are not sure about anything.

Here’s what we cover in Missions:

* Homework 1.1 * – Configure your organization

* Task 1.2 * – Organize the chart of accounts

* Allocation 1.3 * – Opening balances

* Homework 2.1 * – Configuration of the sales invoice

* Allocation 2.2 * – Sales invoices and credit notes

* Homework 2.3 * – Sales reports

* Homework 3.1 * – Addition of suppliers

* Homework 3.2 * – Purchase invoices and credit notes

* Homework 3.3 * – Purchasing reports

* Homework 4.1 * – Import a bank statement

* Duty 4.2 * – Customer receipts

* Homework 4.3 * – Reports on customer receipts

* Allocation 4.4 * – Supplier payments

* Assignment 4.5 * – Reports on supplier payments

* Assignment 4.6 * – Receipts and various bank payments

* Assignment 4.7 * – Reports on miscellaneous bank receipts and payments

* Assignment 5.1 * – Customer defaults

* Assignment 5.2 * – Article codes

* Assignment 5.3 * – Supplier default values

* Homework 5.4 * – Repeating purchase invoices

* Assignment 6.1 * – Merge duplicate contacts

* Duty 6.2 * – Modification of sales invoices

* Duty 6.3 * – Modification of purchase invoices

* Homework 6.4 * – Search and recode

You will learn:
Everything you need to know to use Xero for everyday data entry
How to sign up for a free trial of Xero and enter your organization details
Learn how to design sales invoice layouts, create and issue sales invoices
How to enter purchase invoices and credit notes, including attaching a backup
Learn all about importing bank statements and reconciling your bank transactions
Verify your data entry by designing and running reports
Save time and avoid mistakes with my Xero tips and tricks
Learn how to easily make changes and correct your mistakes

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