Last Updated: January 27, 2019

Best Vim courses & tutorials 2019


Vim Masterclass

Vim Masterclass by Jason Cannon will help you master the Vi and Vim Editors. This Vim programming tutorial helps you learn the basics quickly. You will work your way up to the advanced Vim features. This Vim course is perfect for anyone who works on the command line. You will learn how to work with multiple files. This Vim online tutorial will teach you how to master Cut, copy and paste via Vim’s built-in clipboard system. You will learn all the important Vim keyboard shortcuts. The process of thinking in Vim will be taught, making you easily remember Vim commands. You will learn how to refactor your code by renaming variables. This Vim guide will teach you how to use Vim’s Visual Block Mode and make vertical edits. You will lean how to use MacVim (Linux) and gVim (Windows). This Vim coding tutorial will teach you how to use the built in help system. You will learn to use custom shortcuts, personalized key mappings and macros to save time. You will learn Vim concepts and practice them instantly. This will help solidify your Vim coding skills. This is the best Vim tutorial in 2019.


Learn To Code Like a Pro With VI Editor

Learn To Code Like a Pro With VI Editor by Eduonix will help you become a professional in using Vi and Vim. You will start of with the basics and slowly move your way up till you master Vim. This Vim editor tutorial will teach you the advance VI features used by professionals. You will learn all the Vim features, inclduing file operations, editing, copy, cut, paste, etc. Vi’s advance navigation is taught. You will learn the special operations in Vi. This Vi video tutorial will teach you regular expressions and how to use them. This is one of the best Vim courses in 2019.


Vim for Ruby Developers

Vim for Ruby Developers by Jordan Hudgens will teach you to build Ruby programs with a fully customized Vim environment. This Vim tutorial is for Ruby developers who want to learn how to use and configure Vim for Ruby programming. You will learn to automate your Vim development workflow. This Vim tutorial for Ruby will show how to correctly process Ruby code tio make it render inside the file. This will allow you to debug your Ruby programs within Vim. You will learn how to customize your Vim environment like a pro. This includes integrating the file system, using multiple view panes, customizing the keyboard shortcuts, etc. You will install Vim plugins that allow functionality such as autocomplete and fuzzy search. The author’s Vim settings file and Vim cheat sheets are provided to be used as a Vim reference. This is the best Vim tutorial for Ruby developers in 2019.



Best Vim books 2019



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