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Welcome to issue 17.

This week we get introduced to SubQL, snapshot everything with Jest, see the ReactJS lifecycle and much more!


Learn Visual Basic


How to Snapshot Test Your Redux App With Jest

One beautiful way to alleviate this fatigue that I can identify from the endless stream of intriguing projects in the Javascript world today, is what Facebook has done with Jest.


SubQL: A Real Time Framework For GraphQL

SubQL is a real time framework for GraphQL. It provides the power and stability of GraphQL as well as the necessary components to enable an existing GraphQL codebase to support real time data subscriptions.


Learning Redux with Puppies! Pt 1. Intro to Flux & spec

A nice way to build applications in JavaScript is splitting each part of the application into smaller components.


React.js Lifecycle Methods: shouldComponentUpdate

This is part of a series of posts where I’ll take a deeper look at React.js lifecycle methods.


Handling Offline Actions in React Native

“How would you handle actions taken while offline and sync them with the server the next time the user uses the app while online?”


Electrode Explorer: React Component Reuse

One of the most frequently touted benefits of Facebook’s React library is that its component model encourages code reuse


Passing Data Between Classes/Components in React

One of the first patterns that you will need to learn when working with React is passing data between classes.


Single-Prop HOCs — Better Composition in React

When people think of UI components, they may think of front-end widgets like you get from Bootstrap. This only scratches the surface, though.


What I learned building a React Native App

Here is a quick summary of what I learned building it,


Implementing Redux in a React-Router app.

Redux needs a store.
That’s it for the 17th edition of the best weekly ReactJS, React Native & GraphQL Newsletter!
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