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Learn Real Time Communication 2024 – Best Real Time Communication Courses & Best Real Time Communication Tutorials

Best Real Time Communication Courses 2021


Best Real Time Communication Tutorials 2021

Real Time Single Page Forum App with Pusher Laravel & vuejs

What will I learn?

Use Pusher to make Facebook like real-time notifications

Using Pusher to Create Real-Time Like / DisLike System and Real-Time Response

Installation of Laravel

Using Git and Github

Configure Vue-Router

Vuetify implementation in laravel

Using Json Web Token (jwt) for authentication in Laravel

How to create a single page app

How to create the RestFul API.

How to transform any model for your API

Model creation, migration, factory and data seeding in laravel.

How to use Postman to verify API endpoints.

Handling errors and exceptions

Create Facebook as real time notification and real time response
Create a real-time like / dislike system
You will learn how to generate Json Web Token (JWT) in Laravel and how to sign in and sign out with Token
You can use create API with Laravel
Able to use Vuetify with Vuejs
Update: use Laravel WebSocket package to make realtime system free
Update: Fixed a bug on conference number 78
Pagination on questions

Laravel & Realtime: Build Several Realtime Apps with Laravel


Learn how to build real-time applications with Laravel, using several examples throughout the course.

Everyone talks about real-time applications, but we don’t always know how to achieve them and the advantages that this gives to any project. In this course, I will show you, using several approaches with different applications, how to create real-time applications for one of your projects.

Are you looking to interact in real time and instantly with the users of your projects?
We all should, and in this course I’ll show you how to do it in several ways on a Laravel project. Additionally, you will be able to use and deploy your own WebSockets server using Laravel WebSockets.

Create multiple applications in real time with Laravel
Initially, real-time applications operate in a simple manner. However, there are several ways to use real-time data and events depending on the different applications and results you need. In this course, I will show you different approaches to apply and learn how to create your own real-time applications with Laravel.

You will learn by creating real-time notifications, real-time API, real-time game, chat, etc.

Use and deploy your own Laravel WebSockets server
During the course you will be able to use Laravel WebSockets as an alternative to Pusher to use your own WebSocketsServer.
Laravel WebSockets is a Laravel package using Ratchet PHP, which allows you to easily create a complete WebSockets server from a Laravel project.

What’s good about Laravel?
Laravel is the most popular framework for PHP. With Laravel, you can develop high complexity PHP applications in a very short time, which includes, using tools like Laravel Echo, real time applications. During the course, you will see the huge facilities that Laravel offers when implementing complex tasks and delivering real-time events and messages. Of course, you can use the most recent version of Laravel (Laravel).

Why real-time applications?
Persistent connections with WebSockets allow you to maintain a constant flow of data, transmit it, and react to events instantly. With this, you can immediately interact with your users and maintain a consistent and high-level user experience, as well as keep your information and data constantly updated.

At the end of the course, having explored multiple ways to implement and use real-time applications with Laravel, you can confidently apply it in your own projects.

So join now to apply realtime connections in several ways:

Build a real-time notification system with Laravel

Build a real-time API with Laravel

Create a game that works in real time for multiple logged in users.

Build a chat room with real-time messages

Build a system of private interactions between users in real time

Use public channels to broadcast real-time events and messages with Laravel

Use private channels to control message transmission in real time

Use presence channels to send messages and determine which users are connected to a channel in real time

Authenticate and validate secure access to private channels in real time with Laravel

Create and use your own WebSockets server with Laravel

Deploy your own Laravel WebSockets server

Laravel Vuejs Private (one to one) Chat App

Create an awesome chat app with lots of unique features.

Who is online

Block / Unblock,

Clear chat history


Send timing / Read timing on message hover

Change the color if the message is read

Offline message received

Number of unread messages.

What will I learn?

How to create a chat app

How Websocket works

Installation of Laravel

Using Git and Github

Configure Vuejs

How to transform any model for your API

Handling errors and exceptions

All this with Mysql, Laravel, Pusher, Vuejs and laravel websockets.

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