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Welcome to issue 24.

This week we write GraphQL & ReactJS Components, make Tinder in React Native, test using Jest and much more!


Learn Vim


7 Reasons why you should use React

Here is 7 reasons why we decided go ahead with React:


Your first GraphQL component

If you follow my musings surely you must know how enamored I am with GraphQL.


Toolbar Animation in React Native

Today, we will talk about animation of Material Design’s Toolbar.


React Native Deployment to iPhone

It’s definitely more rewarding seeing your app on an actual phone


Why We Chose React Native

Which technology would we use for the next version of the app?


The Other Reasons We Chose React

Choosing the next hot framework for your company or next project always seems fun.


React Native Dating App Theme With Backend

It’s an ideal starter kit with all the needed UI elements and backend integration to build an iOS and Android Dating App like Tinder.


Testing React Applications with Jest

Jest is a JavaScript test runner maintained by Facebook


Protecting APIs from the DDoS attacks by signing

Lessons I have learned from working on one of the most visited websites on the planet Earth


Our Best Practices for Writing React Components

When I first started writing React, I remember seeing many different approaches to writing components
That’s it for the newest edition of the best weekly ReactJS, React Native & GraphQL Newsletter!

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